Did you know that accreditation is required for human hospitals, but voluntary for animal hospitals? The American Animal Hospital Association is the only association in North America that provides veterinary hospital accreditation. To be accredited a hospital must pass a rigorous evaluation of its practices to demonstrate an exceptional level of medical care and client service. Only 12% of animal hospitals in the US and Canada are accredited.

During the accreditation process, hospitals are evaluated based on Standards of Excellence that directly correlate to the care your pet receives. Standards that ask questions such as: Does the hospital offer on-site radiology and laboratory services; Does the veterinary team address your pet’s comfort upon every examination and treat for the anticipated level of pain for surgical procedures; Are appropriate medications available on-site and are they dispensed under the careful guidance of veterinarians and Does the veterinary team attend regular continuing education to stay up to date with the latest in medical advancements?

When your veterinary hospital has met the highest standards of care, you enjoy peace of mind knowing you’ve selected a hospital where the team, training, equipment, medical procedures, and facilities are of the highest quality and where your pet will receive the kind of care you want for your beloved friend. Choose an AAHA Accredited Hospital for your peace of mind and your pet’s comfort and health.