Our pets need a little extra care as they age and at Macungie Animal Hospital, we love our senior patients! Did you know that a dog is usually considered a senior pet at about 6-10 years of age while a cat is usually considered a senior at 10-12 years of age but this all varies based on breed and the individual pet. We recommend senior pets be examinated every six months, allowing us to evaluate the progression of problems that occur more commonly in senior pets like dental disease and arthritis. With more regular veterinary visits, we can catch all of the subtle signs of aging that are often overlooked. We recommend yearly wellness bloodwork for seniors.  Bloodwork results tell us about your pet’s organ function and help us catch issues earlier and treat your pet more effectively. We want to keep your senior pet feeling happy and healthy for years to come. Call us today to schedule your senior pet visit at 610-421-8381.