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Diagnostic Capabilities

Since pets can’t describe to us how they feel and we can’t see inside them, the veterinarians of Macungie Animal Hospital use sophisticated technology to diagnoses disease processes. Our in-house laboratory and state-of-the-art radiology equipment allow us to quickly and thoroughly evaluate your pet’s health, even in critical cases where time is of the essence.

Laboratory Technology:

We provide on-site evaluation of blood analysis including CBC, chemistry, and electrolytes. Complete urinalysis and thyroid testing is also available. Additionally, we partner with several veterinary-specific reference laboratories to provide comprehensive testing for vaccine titers, pathology and more. Our association with these laboratories allows us to consult with specialty board-certified veterinarians.

Digital Radiology:

We are equipped with digital radiology that quickly provides the veterinarian with images of the internal structures of your pet allowing us to evaluate for orthopedic and organ disease. Our capabilities also include digital dental radiology and dental radiographs are taken with every oral health procedure.